100% silk scarves. Each one of them painted by hand.

They all follow the same style in this limited edition, but each one of them is different.

1 out of 10 (numbered serie)

Hang it or wear it, in any of these options the main purpose is feeling it.

 This project is a reinterpretation of the Ibizan history through the hands of Sonia Ferrer & is influenced by her maternal grandmother Catalina, with whom this project was born. The need of both to create a project together led to this result.
. The finishing touches of these are done by hand with a technique called "repulgue". More than 50 years ago her grandmother made a living out of this technique.

 Size 1,20 x 1,20m

"Don't expect receiving the silk scarf of the image, you will receive a unique design exclusive for you, with all of the above mentioned details."


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