Sonia Ferrer is the brand's creator and designer, she creates pieces from her workshop on top of a mountain in the north of Ibiza, seeking absolute coherence with everything she believes in and with her life, the engine of her inspiration.

Sustainability and quality are her premises, escaping from fast fashion to create pieces that dress our skin for a long time.

DELBES began to take shape 6 years ago. A long but very hasted process in which she developed every knowledge she acquired, each experience, to nourish the brand so that she would gradually achieve a strong brand identity.


It was the 2018 WABI-SABI collection the one that

opened the doors to this ongoing dream.

The Ibicenco regional costume, the Payés dance with its movements, its textures, its shapes ... form part of the designer's roots and are the key to the brand identity that constitute DELBES garments.


Preserving its origin, she transforms it, by refreshing the identity in a creative process that resembles the creation of a work of art rather than a product. The most diverse inspirations, the claim of her origins, artists, trips, new people you meet and above all craftsmanship.


Every piece, every pattern, every detail is finished by hand.

Each person that constitutes our team, artisans and craftsmen of the island have great experience. 

Since 2018 we have been able to significantly increase our team and it is due to the social acceptance of this new way of seeing history, fashion and crafts.

This project is designed to achieve a 100% closed production and recycling circle.

We work every day to improve.

We offer:

- Low consumption production of renewable energy.

-Our fabrics are 100% natural (OEKO-TEX Certificate)

-100% production in Ibiza.

-Timeless designs.

"In DELBES we believe that there is nothing more ecological than conscious production and consumption"

"If your clothing is timeless,

it can become one of those pieces that you inherit with love"

-100% sustainable packaging.

"We can't avoid shipping but we can make these not leave a trace behind" 

"In DELBES we work every day so that the only impact of the brand in history,

are its unique pieces"


Your opinion matters...

Conce Fiol

"The eyes are the shape, the hands are the creators and the laugh is the engine that drives this project. Delbes is the ethereal and the great, it is a journey through the world and through each one of us, it is the most perfect silence and the deepest crying, it is passion and pain, it is when it rains and you don't care. Delbes is a little piece of me "

Julia González

"Wearing a piece from Delbes makes me feel in line with who I am.


I believe clothes transmit the energy of who has made them and how they have been made, If they have been made with care and love, your skin will feel it when wearing them.


Fabulous customer service and personalized service.


My shopping experience has been wonderful, everything was simple, from processing the order to receiving the Delbes package, 

everything is so delicate, handmade and beautiful!!"

Cristina Güell

"You can get your dream pieces even outside of the island!"

Yasmina Piñeiro Lopez

"A very special visit to Delbes, it was a delight to discover its wonderful, natural fabrics and the unique pieces constituted by essence and elegance, out of the traditional Ibizan origins"

Consuelo Antúnez

" I declare myself completely inlove with Delbes. The combination of talent, dedication and affection can't have a better result than excellence. The atelier of Delbes is a magical place full of masterpieces, due to Sonia's professionalism, you feel nobody could ever dress you up better than her."


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