Yolanda Costa

Artisan, specialized in traditional clothing.

Sonia Ferrer

Designer & founder.

She descends from a long line of Ibicencos. She is completely in love with the history and traditions. 

Born at the highest point of a mountain on the island, eager to rediscover the real Ibiza, a part of the island unknown to many.

The use of artisan techniques that had been maintained over the years but were currently declining. Sonia Ferrer provides the world with the ability to wear the oldest techniques in the most current designs.

Achieved through limited editions where she recovers patterns of the regional costume and reinterprets them by finishing them up with unique handmade technique typical from the island.

"From a town to a city, from the past to the present"

A woman who loves her roots. From a young age she combined her work with learning the Ibizan artisanal techniques. Slowly, she specialized by sharing her knowledge and her research of ancient garments of the regional costumes of the island. Clothing that many people currently wear on holidays.

It is extremely elaborated clothing with a lot of history behind it.

She currently turns her passion into a profession through the brand. Along with the designer they apply all of these techniques to renovated and timeless designs.

This way they create unique pieces that will come along with you throughout your life.

"Working for DELBES brings along everything I have always wanted, the reason that led me to this career is the same reason that led Sonia Ferrer to start her brand, I feel grateful for being able to see my work on catwalks and on the street."

Carmen Nuñez

Artisan specialized in footwear.

"I began to be interested in crafts about 10 years ago, due to my enthusiasm for traditions and my interest in maintaining our origins.

In DELBES I have found a place where my work is valued, it respects tradition from its real origin. Reinterpreting through her eyes and through my hands creating unique footwear.

The creation technique in footwear is more or less the same but the extract of the fiber from the pitra plant and the creation of the cordelli with which I then put together each piece is something that we have practically already lost.

She stays loyal to his technique"

Maria Rosua

Artisan, specialized in jewelry.

Through the research of different materials we find and collect from our trips, we create unique pieces that express the sensations, thoughts and ideas that nourish us in our creative process. I want my pieces to show a connection between contact and matter, the same imperfection human beings reflect. Each piece takes time and dedication, expresses energy and shares stories.


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